About us

Your Trusted Authority in Marengo and Harvard Real Estate

You deserve to live in your dream home regardless of your budget or knowledge of the real estate process.  And, if you’re selling your property, you deserve to have a quality agent looking out for your best interests and making sure you get the absolute best price for your home.

I am a specialist for home buyers and home sellers in the Marengo and Harvard Illinois areas.  Across western McHenry County and beyond, I am here to serve all your real estate needs.  I’ve living in Marengo and worked in both Marengo and Harvard almost my entire life.  This is my home and it is my pleasure to help you make it yours as well.

For Buyers: I make your dream come true by providing you with a house you are going to love today, tomorrow and always. 

For Sellers: I will take you through every stage of the home selling process from pricing to listing to even preparing and staging your home.

My passion for real estate goes back as far as I can remember.  I’ve always had the ability to walk through a home and see its unique potential.  Even standing in the doorway of a room, I can see how everything can be presented in its best light and see how everything could be arranged to help people move through their home.

I know you need the best, most knowledgeable real estate agent possible to help you navigate the unique home buying and selling environment of this Marengo/Harvard territory.  That’s why I am dedicated to always expanding my expertise, taking new real estate education courses and working hard to keep up with every trend in the market.  It is my duty to serve you and guide you through your unique realty experience and I’ve dedicated myself to serving the needs of this region.

I am here to help make getting a new home as easy as you could imagine. I offer free real estate consultations and my customer service is second to none.  I promise to go the extra mile to make you happy. Feel free to call Tamara Berman your most trusted real estate agent.

Everyone deserves to live in the home of their dreams, and I value your dream home as much as you do.